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      Welcome to the Pesticide Management Education Program (PMEP) web site. PMEP promotes the safe use of pesticides for the applicator, the consumer, and the environment, and also serves as a pesticide information/education center for those interested in pesticide chemicals. Please note that some of our information may be 'dated' and no longer applicable at this time; it is displayed for historical purposes only.


      The Pesticide Safety Education Program or PSEP is a federally mandated program and our primary mission is to provide unbiased information about pests and pesticides and to promote sound decision making and safe handling practices to people who choose to use pesticides.

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      The Pesticide Sales and Use Reporting (PSUR) Database Group was formed to manage the pesticide data reported to the New York State Department of Environmental Conservation (NYSDEC) under the Pesticide Reporting Law (PRL) of 1996. The group maintains a repository of all the data collected since 1997 and also operates the Pesticide Reporting Service Bureau, which collects and processes pesticide reports from over 7000 pesticide businesses around the state. Summaries of the data are available for searching on the PSUR website. (Please keep the existing link on the group’s name and also link “PSUR website”.)

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